1. CountryHouseGent goes missing. What’s that all about? . . .

… Amazing! Where it all began.

One day I upload a video review of a mechanics ratchet set and the next, this short, cryptic and completely unexpected video appears.

Here I was, sat by a canal and listening to a news report on the radio, saying that I’ve been missing from my home since May.

Mad 🙂

Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

6 thoughts on “1. CountryHouseGent goes missing. What’s that all about? . . .”

  1. Kevin – your two backups are great for mechanical failure but how ate you covering a catastrophe like fire or sinking. Backups aren’t much good when the are all stored together. Put another back up on the cloud.


  2. Hi Kevin, I hope you are well. Living on board as you do can you tell me please what people do with regard to repeat prescription, doctors and dentists? During lock down I had a terrible time with a root canal, lucky for me the dentist came out with antibiotics several times to my home I’m curious what other people do.
    Kind regards.


  3. I am 81 year female i have binged watch your travels one through six on Aslan. I loved it so much I hated to see it end I will go back and watch it again. I live in the USA and enjoyed seeing part of your country in England Im looking forward to seeing another episode Good luck with your travels( your friend Jo)


  4. Hello Kevin, I have been a professional yacht captain for decades, sailed all over the world on both sail an motor yachts. I have loved watching you narroboat videos and hope to someday do a bit of narrow boat cruising for a holiday. Wondering what canal you would choose if you had only a month to cruise. Also wondering why you use an old guidebook. Does Nicholson’s not have a newer issue? Seems on a number of occasions you could have avoided a predicament if you had more recent info. Are there not newer guide books available? See you next episode….Cheers, Captain Denise Fox


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