2. Ah so he’s buying a boat…

… Now it’s beginning to make sense.

Here we are just over 9 months later and looking back, it’s apparent I was not a well man. The stress had taken it’s toll, both mentally and physically.

Sadly it wasn’t over with the realisation I was now in a financial position to buy a boat.

Heck, even with my pitiful collection of worldly possessions crammed into the camper van, I still hadn’t decided if I would be buying this particular vessel.

Always in the back of my mind was the very real prospect that if Aslan turned out to be a bit of a lemon, I would have found myself hauling a van load of belongings to the four corners of the UK, – for an indeterminate amount of time – until I did find a suitable boat.

It’s during periods like these, that you realise you’re in this position solely because of your own actions – there’s no turning back and you are now, in fact, homeless – and very much alone.

A sobering and often nauseating thought.

Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

3 thoughts on “2. Ah so he’s buying a boat…”

    1. Hi John. Yes, they’re called Nicholson Guides. 7 guides in total, covering the system. Amazon always has the lot, new and used.


  1. Mr. Kevin Shelley,. We just wanted to express our thanks to you for sharing your narrow boat experiences on Utube. You’ve brought us into a wonderful world of, less stress…We now dream of coming to England and living the life. We were concerned when we hadn’t seen you for a while. I contacted minimallist and asked if you were all right. Then a few weeks later you did a right nice, blog/blog, oh, you give it a name… please? Anyway, we just saw your short clip about going motor cycle life. Do be careful. Other drivers are crap out there. Hay, we love you. We love your show! Take good care of yourself and keep those vlogs coming. So glad you’re safe,. All those storms…geeezzz. We live in Missouri, US. Dream of Narrow boats. Sandy and John. P.S. If you want to let me know that you got this? That would be great 😊. Oh, the real p.s. sorry, forgot then remembered. Ha! Brain is back. We love to watch you cook! Yippee. Stay safe and keep those videos coming. san


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