4. Launch day, when the stars align . . .

. . . anyone who’s ever dreamed of, planned and then finally achieved a longterm goal, will know all too well the mixture of emotions that come with it.

This experience is made all the more poignant if the plan in question, involves changing your entire world . . . entirely.

Up to this point I’d turned my back on everything that had gone before, jumped into the unknown, and spent more cash in one transaction than I thought possible.

Later and after a further 4 weeks of readying Aslan for a life afloat, I faced the final resultant ‘madness’, focussed on the one goal of living aboard a boat, and exploring the UK canal system.

Following the nerve-wracking experience of Aslan’s launch, not forgetting the blood, sweat and tears previously expended, the relief on my face is plain to see.

I was on the water, at long last.

I was also very ‘green’ when it came to navigating a boat along a stretch of (thankfully) quiet canal.

What wasn’t so apparent was that I was also very much alone. Off camera, I was relieved it was finally happening. However I was also very upset and cried . . . a lot.

The biggest contributing factor in all of this, was a continual nagging question, “have I done the right thing?”

Still, I’d ‘made my bed’ as they say . . . and now I had to lie in it.

Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

2 thoughts on “4. Launch day, when the stars align . . .”

  1. ALL your videos are absolutely brilliant!!! We very much wish you would put out a cookbook! The things you cook look delicious !!!
    Also, we would love a tea mug with your mug (hahahahaha – sorry! Couldn’t help myself 😆) on it! You were drinking out of one in the episode of Season 6 we watched today.
    Cheers and happy motoring from Winter Park Florida USA.


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