4. Launch day, when the stars align . . .

. . . anyone who’s ever dreamed of, planned and then finally achieved a longterm goal, will know all too well the mixture of emotions that come with it.

This experience is made all the more poignant if the plan in question, involves changing your entire world . . . entirely.

Up to this point I’d turned my back on everything that had gone before, jumped into the unknown, and spent more cash in one transaction than I thought possible.

Later and after a further 4 weeks of readying Aslan for a life afloat, I faced the final resultant ‘madness’, focussed on the one goal of living aboard a boat, and exploring the UK canal system.

Following the nerve-wracking experience of Aslan’s launch, not forgetting the blood, sweat and tears previously expended, the relief on my face is plain to see.

I was on the water, at long last.

I was also very ‘green’ when it came to navigating a boat along a stretch of (thankfully) quiet canal.

What wasn’t so apparent was that I was also very much alone. Off camera, I was relieved it was finally happening. However I was also very upset and cried . . . a lot.

The biggest contributing factor in all of this, was a continual nagging question, “have I done the right thing?”

Still, I’d ‘made my bed’ as they say . . . and now I had to lie in it.

3. The guided tour and ‘that’ cheese on toast . . .

Looking back at this now 10 months later, it’s clear to me I felt as if I was about to turn a corner.

The sun was shining, it was warm and not only did I have a new camcorder to play with, I now had a definite ‘storyline’ to shoot to.

Did I give the impression I was proud of my new boat (and home)? 🙂

The determination to film every square inch of the inside and out isn’t lost on me – and that engine. Walking past it every morning from the bedroom to the galley. Boys and their toys.

Two things I’m asked quite frequently. Was the cheese on toast really the first meal I cooked on the boat?

Yes, it was. My god, all I had was some bread, no butter, cheese and one OXO cube. I didn’t even have a plate.

And secondly. What was I thinking of, covering it all with a beef stockcube? To be honest, I was hungry and yearned for something with a meaty flavour. Couple this with the fact there was almost nothing onboard resembling food, nor anything utensils-wise to cook with anyway.

Ah, those were the days.

2. Ah so he’s buying a boat…

… Now it’s beginning to make sense.

Here we are just over 9 months later and looking back, it’s apparent I was not a well man. The stress had taken it’s toll, both mentally and physically.

Sadly it wasn’t over with the realisation I was now in a financial position to buy a boat.

Heck, even with my pitiful collection of worldly possessions crammed into the camper van, I still hadn’t decided if I would be buying this particular vessel.

Always in the back of my mind was the very real prospect that if Aslan turned out to be a bit of a lemon, I would have found myself hauling a van load of belongings to the four corners of the UK, – for an indeterminate amount of time – until I did find a suitable boat.

It’s during periods like these, that you realise you’re in this position solely because of your own actions – there’s no turning back and you are now, in fact, homeless – and very much alone.

A sobering and often nauseating thought.

1. CountryHouseGent goes missing. What’s that all about? . . .

… Amazing! Where it all began.

One day I upload a video review of a mechanics ratchet set and the next, this short, cryptic and completely unexpected video appears.

Here I was, sat by a canal and listening to a news report on the radio, saying that I’ve been missing from my home since May.

Mad 🙂